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Every year wildfire destroys thousands of homes,
devastates countless lives and burns millions of acres.
And every year people who have lost everything say...

"We didn't think it would happen to us. If only we'd been better prepared."

"Surviving Wildfire should be mandatory reading for anyone living in the WUI..."

- Garry Sanfacon, Fire Recovery Manager, Boulder, Colorado

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Are You Underinsured?

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Don't wait until it is too late. Here are ten questions to ask your insurance agent NOW:

1: How much is my house insured for? How was that amount of coverage determined? If my home was destroyed today, how much would it be depreciated? Do I have the best policy available?

2. Does my policy cover Replacement Value for my home and personal property?

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7 Insurance Myths

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The biggest reason that half of all homeowners are underinsured is that people have no idea how their insurance will work in a major loss. Take time now to learn more.

Myth 1: If I suffer a total loss, I'll automatically get a total payout

You may eventually get a total payout, but it won't be automatic. You'll have to document and value your home and everything you lost.

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Get Wildfire Smart

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Get the book so you can answer these questions and become Wildfire Smart:

  • How much defensible space is enough?
  • Are you underinsured?
  • What 10 questions should you ask your insurance agent?
  • Have you documented your belongings & structures?
  • Do you have evacuation essentials? 
  • Have you registered your cell phones for reverse 911?
  • What if you are trapped at home?
  • Are you prepared to collect your policy limits?